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Now Wash Your Hands Please!

It seems that the latest in a long line of anti-vivisectionist haters has muscled in on the Oxford lab debacle to try to rise above the mediocrity of his worthless, puerile existence in becoming the organiser of a new pro-vivisection lobby called Pro-test. Sadly - for him, that is, not for us - his ego is seriously over-inflated - ironic, since the only way he appears to be able to get his rocks off is through self-abuse and pornography. Evidently that which he has little of in the 'gonad' department, he makes up for with self-aggrandisement. But perhaps pity should be what we should feel for this sad individual, rather than stoop to personal attacks. He is after all, a child of the system, and as such, loyal to it, without the capacity for a single individually generated thought.

Since SPEAK began its campaign two years ago, we have witnessed a string of pro-vivisectionists parading themselves before the media in an increasingly farcical display of what can only be described as buffoonery. The interviewing of this last individual has got to be the most ludicrous of the media’s faux-pas. In publishing an article on a pro-vivisection organisation run by a delusional penis-obsessed narcissistic youth with a penchant for guns and pornography and a liberal inhalation of cannabis (on which he seems to be a self-styled expert, the Times have shown themselves to be incontrovertibly biased towards the pro-vivisection lobby, preferring to write an article about said sorry cause celebre (above), rather than taking on the REAL challenge of writing the truth about the vivisection industry. The Times have given page space to someone who talks about the violence of the animal rights movement, but who himself advocates the use of guns, and the exploitation of and violence against women in the pornographic industry! Strange bedfellows, these pro-vivisectionists, and stranger still that journalists who are supposed to be impartial appear to be so biased that in their desperation to create news where there is none, they will feed out of an extended hand, which in the case of Sqrrl101, one would very much rather not know where it's been!!! We rather think the Times might have taken a closer look at him before eating out of THAT hand!!!

But let’s just recap about these strange bedfellows: firstly we had the appointment of Simon Festing to the top position of the main organisation sponsored by the vivisection industry, the Research Defence Society (RDS); a man who played a pivotal role in the campaign to stop the Newbury bypass, a campaign often referred to as 'The Battle of Newbury' because of the often illegal nature of the campaign, and thus hardly a man in a position to condemn others for acting in a manner Governments deem unacceptable.

Then along came Prof J--- S----, whom we are unable to name due to legal restrictions. The professor made comments to a local Oxford newspaper that the laboratory monkeys, which he abuses "lived a Life of Riley" and sat about all day "watching soap operas on TV”. As always, the media saw fit to report the distorted truth, thereby revealing a flaw in the professor’s account, which led to the embarrassing expose that – contrary to the University’s original claims that the lab was not destined for any animal research whatsoever - many primates are indeed to be used at the new facility if it is ever built.

Now they are joined by the recently formed group Pro-Test, 'Students fight back for animal research’, on which the Times carried an article today, and which is likely to have an embarrassing backlash with revelations about the closet (sic) activities of the group’s founder. A little web search on him throws up (and one could not be blamed for doing the same on reading them) some facts about the true face of the person to whose door the main media outlets seem to be beating a path! Evidently, this character has far too much time on his hands, which appear to be unreasonably preoccupied with assisting another function in his lower anatomy!! For those who’d like to get up close and personal with the group’s founder (and we wouldn’t recommend it) you can see his log – he goes by the username "sqrrl101". This website allows users to record their masturbation activities for public browsing Due to the obscene nature of the site, SPEAK have removed the pornographic photos as we are aware these might be offensive to browsers of the SPEAK website and to protect any children viewing our website.

The self-styled leader of Pro-Test (who mustered a counter-demonstration of 3 against 100 SPEAK supporters protesting in Oxford) lists one of his other interests (apart from the obvious one) as Firearms ( Though he may not be a danger to anyone except himself, he may very well fit the Police profile of someone who could become a danger. Looking at links to the chat forums in which he participates, it is clear he has an unhealthy obsession with self abuse, enjoys publicly detailing it and by his own admission clearly spends between 12 and 15 hours a day on the computer, very probably smoking wacky backy. Although he himself disputes the quote on his website which suggests that marijuana can affect the mental health of young users, his delusional self-importance - a clear sign of a disintegrating id – could well prove that theory. He could do worse than offer himself as a statistic to the research team at Oxford University to test it…

It’s not for us to judge his state of mental health, his neuroses or psychosis, but maybe all three of his supporters at Pro-test’s next Oxford demo should ask him: “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see us”! And as a parting shot, a little well-meaning parental advice to Sqrrl101 from those of us at SPEAK: a bit less wacky backy, and a lot less self-gratification, and you might – just might (if you’re lucky) reach 25 without going blind.

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