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Tipu Aziz caught out yet again

Pro-vivisectionists could be forgiven for believing that the numerous times that SPEAK have highlighted the lies of Tipu Aziz might only be a case of anti-vivisection propaganda. Well, 'could be forgiven,' yes, but let's face it, most pro-vivisectionists are either naïve, deluded, or just plain ignorant; people who blindly follow those that have the audacity to call themselves scientists.

As we know only too well, the pro-vivisectionists have a habit of burying their collective heads in the sand or running a mile when the anti-vivisectionists want a proper debate, indulging instead in a series of sound bites, a favourite ploy the vivisectionists love to adopt as it means they don’t have to enter into any meaningful study into the effectiveness of vivisection. In an extraordinary turn of events however, even a top brain surgeon who admittedly has " problem [ethically] with animal research" has looked at the work of Tipu Aziz and questioned the veracity of Aziz's pronouncements.

Anyone that has followed the media frenzy and the so called fight back by the vivisection industry against the so called "extremist" anti-vivisectionists - "extreme" because we have dared question the status quo and an industry that makes billions in profits - can see for themselves that at the end of the day it's not about human health: it's more about money, and of course in the case of Aziz, it's a great way to massage an already over-inflated ego. What are a few lies when billions of pounds and of course one's vanity (mustn’t forget that must we?) are at stake?

Those that have followed SPEAK's exposure of the many lies surrounding the Parkinson's Disease debate will be well aware that Tipu Aziz has seized the opportunity to try and elevate himself to an almost saviour-like status to those afflicted with Parkinson's. Many media outlets have failed to question Aziz thoroughly and time and again they have followed his egotistical line that if it wasn’t for him and his "innovative" research thousands of people would still be suffering from the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

The following article, first published in the Oxford Student newspaper, like SPEAK has done many times before, clearly illustrates once again the many lies of Mr. Tipu Aziz. Sit back read and to those pro-vivisectionists who blindly follow the ‘party’ line: just for a change think for yourselves. That is of course, if you really care about human health, and of course that is a big IF!

Top brain surgeon slams Aziz research

Rachel Bennett

A leading neurosurgeon and independent analyst of animal research has criticised the work of Oxford don Professor Tipu Aziz, one of the leading proponents of the new Oxford animal research lab.

The Oxford Student has obtained a confidential email written by independent analyst Dr Malcolm Macleod. The email was intended for a colleague, but was sent to animal rights group Animal Aid inadvertently after the group approached him commissioning a high-level scientific investigation, known as a systemic review, into Aziz's research.

Aziz, an outspoken advocate of animal testing and the Oxford lab, helped develop Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Aziz and his team used primates to test the procedure, used to reduce the debilitating side effects of Parkinson's disease. It is often used as an example of the need for animal research.

In the leaked email, Dr Malcolm MacLeod revealed that he thought DBS was an "area of weakness often trumpeted as a success, but which in reality is probably a failure". He appealed to his colleague for "advice, please", accusing Animal Aid of having "stirred things up before". He then proposed he either "avoid, play a straight bat or price [himself] out of the market".

In response to Dr Macleod's gaffe, Animal Aid claimed, "He feared that an objective investigation of the associated animal research would expose the treatment's shortcomings. He was determined to avoid being drawn into the front line of the vivisection debate."

Dr. MacLeod, while admitting' that the email was sent in error, has stood by his decision not to conduct the review. He said, "I was not comfortable taking part in a study which was motivated by a desire to undermine Aziz."

Although he was unwilling to undertake the study, Dr MacLeod has revealed that he believes Aziz's research is not the miracle cure it has been described as. He argues, "My own experience shows that, except in a small minority of cases, there is uncertainty in the evidence for the clinical efficacy of DBS."

MacLeod's research is concerned with systematic reviews of animal testing and how beneficial they are in developing treatments such as DBS. When asked to outline his position on animal research, he said, "Ethically, I have no problem with animal research. What concerns me is whether the animal testing tells us what we need to know- There is work to be done - the problems do not mean that animal research does not work, but there is much room for improvement."

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